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March 26, 2021: Online Review

Pepper Project is grateful for the kind response over the years. Here is the latest 5-star review:


Just a quick note to say we're crazy about the pepper - it has a complex flavor that I haven't found in other black peppers but it isn't so spicy that it behaves like an overspiced hot chili pepper. My husband raises every super hot chili pepper that he can find, so I have a good idea about hot peppers! The apron is really wonderful! It's lightweight, fits well and the pocket in the front is handy. I especially like the extra long ties in the back. I didn't know I needed them until I had them.

I'm so pleased with these purchases. 




August 29, 2015: Radio AM 830
SoCal Restaurant Show
Tom Gordon’s and Cris Peterson’s The Pepper Project promotes U.S. importation of fine Kampot pepper...
June 25, 2015: The Orange County Register
Cheapo Travel: For an affordable foreign vacation, try Cambodia
Because I’m always scrimping on vacations, I plan my foreign trips around locations that are cheap for Americans...
March 28, 2015: KFI AM 640
The Fork Report with Neil Saavedra
Pepper Project segment starts at 01:12:47 and goes until commercials, no news breaks!


May 9, 2014: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Pack for a perfect pepper farm stay
Escape on the edge of the jungle in Cambodia is a unique experience
January 9, 2014: The Orange County Register
A crackdown in Cambodia
Cambodia’s recent turmoil boils down to opportunity – or more accurately, the lack of it.


October 1, 2013: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Taste of Cambodia
This lesser known cuisine of Southeast Asia is peppered with distinct sauces, herbs and spices
August 9, 2013: The OC Weekly
Benefit For Cambodian Charities This Weekend At Chapter One
Festivities occur this Sunday as they present two showings of the film Two Shadows...
August 6, 2013: By the Porchlight Blog
The Pepper Project
Have you ever heard of The Pepper Project? It's a wonderful not-for-profit organization...
July 20, 2013: KLAA AM 830
SoCal Restaurant Show
Pepper Project segment starts at :59...
April 27, 2013: The Christian Science Monitor
Black pepper beef with Kampot pepper from the Pepper Project
Black pepper beef is a weeknight-quick classic Chinese stir fry...
January 4, 2013: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Escape to Kep
Cambodian retreat features colonial ruins, cool highlands and fresh seafood...


December 13, 2012: The Orange County Register
Cambodian people the inspiration for Pepper Project
The first question we always get is: Why Cambodia?...
September 21, 2012: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Readers respond to story on Kampot pepper
San Diego County is now Kampot pepper territory.


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