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Bodia Luxury Soap
Discover Bodia’s authentic and natural recipes to soothe your body and mind. These luxurious soaps a..
Bodia Nature Conditioner: Tinospora Crispa
Tinopsora Crispa is a climbing liana that grows in most of South East Asian countries. Used for cent..
Bodia Nature Herbal Balm
Herbal Balm: In our house, we call these "miracle meds!" All natural balms have been used by generat..
Bodia Nature Herbal Soap (Bar)
Herbal Soap (Bar): Handcrafted soaps made using only natural products to cleanse, nourish and protec..
Coco Khmer After-Shave Balm
You lose more than just hair when you run that razor across your skin. That's why you need Coco Khme..
Coco Khmer Baby Balm
Specially formulated with the finest 100% natural ingredients to soothe and condition your baby's de..
Coco Khmer Body Balm
Coco Khmer body balm is specially formulated to relax tired muscles, ease stress, moisturize and rej..
Coco Khmer Lip Balm
Our blend of virgin coconut oil and pure beeswax moisturizes and protects lips. With three great nat..
Coco Khmer Naga Balm
Naga Balm is our all-natural answer to other petroleum-heavy balms. Our base is made with 32.5% vi..
Cotton Krama
These great kramas, or scarves, can be used in so many a scarf or add color to your home a..
Gift Pouch
Our drawstring gift pouches are hand made by Youm of the Delicious Sewing Project in Kampot, Cambodi..
Kampot Pepper Grinder
Our great Kampot pepper now comes in handy, refillable grinders! The clear glass bottle comes with a..
Koa Bungee Bracelet
These bracelets made from mini bungee cords look great when worn alone or in multiple strands on t..
Luggage Tag
Our luggage tags are made exclusively for Pepper Project by the skilled, young men and women of YODI..
Palmwood Mini Spoon
These little spoons are great to keep handy for serving sauces or condiments. Solid palmwood 4 3..
Palmwood Prep Bowl
Keep these bowls handy to pre-measure ingredients for fast and flawless cooking. They also look grea..
Pepper Grinder Gift Single
This special gift packaging is only available for a limited time! Each of our grinders are all dress..
Skewers - Knotted
These 7 1/2" long skewers are made of natural material and are perfect for fruit fondue or appetiz..
Skewers - Natural Bamboo
These 8" skewers are made of natural bamboo and are food-safe certified. Perfect as fruit, poultry o..
Soap Dish: Leaf
With the rich wood grain of the palm, this leaf-shaped soap dish will bring a natural warmth to your..

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