Recipes tagged with: sea salt

  • Complexity: easy

Tortilla-Encrusted Peppered Pork Chops

This is a versatile recipe that also works with chicken. Add chili powder, herbs or wherever your imagination and taste takes you.

  • Complexity: easy

Kampot Pepper Potato Wedges

These delicious, baked potato wedges are easy to make and have far fewer calories than fried potatoes.

  • Complexity: easy

Light Hummus

Here's a quick, easy, healthy recipe for hummus which is lighter than the traditional. Perfect to serve with pita bread, chips, or sliced sourdough bread.
  • Complexity: easy

Vegetarian Kampot Chili

Here's an easy meatless chili recipe that has many variations. Experiment by adding jalapenos or more vegetables such as celery or carrots.
  • Complexity: very easy

Lemon-Kampot Pepper Chicken

A tasty marinade that can be used for chicken or seafood. Mix in some vegetables on the skewers for color and variety.
  • Complexity: easy

Grilled Peppercorn Chicken Sandwich

These sandwiches are great for a warm summer afternoon. Use whichever type of bun or bread you like and use your imagination for the toppings.
  • Complexity: medium

Homemade Chorizo

Chorizo makes a great filling for soft tacos. Serve with your favorite toppings. It also goes well mixed in with scrambled eggs. Adapted from a recipe in Bon Appetit Magazine.
  • Complexity: easy

Basil Pepper Rub

This rub is great on pork, chicken or fish dishes.
  • Complexity: easy

Pork Chops with Fresh Tomato Sauce

This recipe calls for Kampot pepper on the pork chops and in the tomato sauce.