• Complexity: easy

Tuna Pasta

This pasta dish is bursting with flavor!

  • Complexity: easy

Peppery Balsamic Tuna

Balsamic vinegar gives this dish a tang and the pepper adds some delicious heat!
  • Complexity: easy

Kampot-Style Fish Tacos

The Kampot pepper gives the beer batter a little zing. The tacos go great with pico de gallo or the avocado salsa found in the "Sauces & Dressing" category on this website.
  • Complexity: medium

Tuna Steak Salad

Here's a hearty one-dish dinner from the folks at Food and Wine magazine. This is a recipe from the kitchen of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Complexity: easy

Veracruz Snapper

The traditional recipe calls for snapper but any white fish, such as tilapia, will work as well.
  • Time: Prep: 10 minutes; Cook: 8 minutes
  • Complexity: easy

Spicy Peppered Salmon Fillets with Horseradish Drizzle

This is a very light and tasty recipe which can be made with even fewer calories by using light sour cream and skim milk.