• Complexity: very easy

Peppery Turkey Burgers

Here's a tasty turkey burger recipe with Kampot pepper adding a little spice. Serve with fresh basil leaves, sliced tomatoes, onion and pickles.

  • Complexity: easy

Char Kroeung (Cambodian Stir Fry)

Here's a simple stir fry that is loaded with flavor. Feel free to substitute beef or pork for the chicken.

  • Complexity: easy

Fiery Kampot Pepper Chicken

Kampot pepper adds a nice kick to this recipe from the folks at the British television show "Spice Trip." They visited Starling Farm and cooked up this delicious chicken.

  • Complexity: easy

Chicken with Olives & Roasted Lemons

Here is an easy chicken recipe that can be served over pasta or rice.
  • Complexity: very easy

Lemon-Kampot Pepper Chicken

A tasty marinade that can be used for chicken or seafood. Mix in some vegetables on the skewers for color and variety.
  • Complexity: advanced

Taiwanese Chicken

This recipe takes a little advance preparation and some exotic ingredients. It is different and tasty as a main dish, in fried rice or in an Asian chicken salad. The sweet potato flour and the five-spice powder are available at Asian markets.
  • Complexity: easy

Chicken Shawarma

A flavorful, healthy dish that goes great with the tzatziki or cucumber salsa you'll find listed under vegetarian dishes in this recipe section.
  • Complexity: easy

Grilled Peppercorn Chicken Sandwich

These sandwiches are great for a warm summer afternoon. Use whichever type of bun or bread you like and use your imagination for the toppings.
  • Complexity: easy

Kampot Chicken Fajitas

An easy, healthy meal. The Kampot pepper adds some spice--you won’t need much hot sauce!
  • Complexity: easy

Peri Peri African Chicken

This is a traditional African recipe with a spicy marinade.