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Host Your Own Party!

Pepper & Punjammies in Orange County, California!

Camille and Matt Kittridge hosted one of our famed "Pepper & Punjammies" parties this week at their beautiful Anaheim Hills home...and it was a great success!

As you know, the Pepper Project supports the organization, Daughters of Cambodia to help end sexual slavery in Cambodia. But did you know that YOU can host your own party and invite your friends to help? At your party, guests will enjoy shopping, talking and eating, all for a good end sex trafficking around the world.

For your party, the Pepper Project will provide 100% Cambodian products including Kampot pepper, Bodia Nature spa products and beautiful items created by the Daughters of Cambodia. Everything is fair trade and proceeds go directly to helping young women and girls of Cambodia to start a new life free of prostitution.

The International Princess Project (IPP), makers of Punjammies, will provide clothing made from Indian sari fabric, crafted by women enslaved in prostitution in India. Like the Daughters of Cambodia, these women are taught the skills needed to earn their living with dignity and free from sexual slavery.

And, we are now partnering with Finding Freedom Jewelry who helps fund safe houses in Thailand. As with Daughters and IPP, these young women are provided education and vocational training.

If you would like to host your own party, please contact us 3-4 weeks in advance and we'll make it a success for everyone!  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latest on the Pepper Project

Great things in store for 2011

The recycled rice bag products we are offering have been met with great enthusiasm.

The bags are made by the Daughters of Cambodia, a group that rescues girls (and boys) from the sex business in Phnom Penh.  All the proceeds will go back to the Daughters of Cambodia.

The items will be on sale at two upcoming events:

A reception at Chapter One: the modern local.  A restaurant scheduled to open next month at 227 N. Broadway in Santa Ana's Artist Village area. Jeff  Hall and his partners will sell Kampot pepper and Chef Oge Dalken will incorporate it in some of his recipes. (

Then Chef Haley Nguyen will conduct a cooking demonstration featuring Kampot pepper at her Xanh Bistro, 16161 Brookhurst Street in Fountain Valley.  Haley teaches Culinary Arts at Cypress and Saddleback colleges in addition to running a great restaurant with very innovative dishes.

Details to both events should be coming soon.  Stay tuned.




National Day of Mourning

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today in Cambodia (Thursday, Nov 25) is a national day of mourning for the victims of Monday's tragedy at the water festival in Phnom Penh. This message was posted on the Daughters of Cambodia facebook page:

"All Daughters clients & staff are safe and have been accounted for after the stampede tragedy the other night!! Some are missing family members and one has a relative with severe injuries and is in the hospital...please pray for supernatural healing and for the restoration of families! today is the national day of mourning... let's pray in joyful dancing for this mourning and crowns of beauty over these ashes!"


A Horrible Tragedy

Monday, November 22, 2010

Our hearts go out to the hundreds of people who were injured and killed in this weekend's horrible tragedy. What started as a celebration of the Water Festival in Phnom Penh left more than 300 dead and hundreds injured. We are deeply sorry for their loss.


Last Day in Phnom Penh

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well, it's the last day in Phnom Penh before heading home.

Wasn't able to make connections with Esther at Khmer Life as planned.  Hopefully, we'll be able to do our business through emails.

I went to the Russian Market this morning to finish some last minute shopping, returned to the hotel to pack up so I'm ready to leave for the airport at 9:00 am tomorrow.

The hotel (California 2) has worked out really well. The guys who run it are friendly and helpful. The tacos are really, pretty good. The huevos rancheros are good, even though you have to pay extra…they're not included in the free breakfast. There's plenty of cable TV showing old, bad movies. The same tuk tuk drivers are out front all the time so you get to know them.

All in all, a great trip…very productive…have many of the pieces in place to get this business going.


Another Incredible Day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I had a very enjoyable lunch at Malis with Starling Farm owners, Mark and Anna. They've had an interesting journey starting the farm, creating innovative growing techniques and receiving Kampot Pepper authentication. They are going to be a great partner.

After lunch, I picked up the new packaging from Daughters of Cambodia and it looks great. Ruth gave me a tour of the day center which was an eye-opening experience. They gave me brochures, a copy of the DVD and photos which we can use for promotion. They also sent me off with various items from the shop to sell on consignment.

Another incredible day. I feel like the pieces are in place to make this a great success.



A truly incredible day

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today, I plan to take a walk to the beach and the crab market and still replaying the details of yesterday.

Phary has been incredible. He was so jazzed when we were distributing all the backpacks to the kids yesterday. It was amazing.

And having the doctor come in to the clinic on his day off…on a scooter…was so grateful for everything. He looked at each item, said something to his assistant in Khmer and went on to the next item. He said, "people in the city have money. They don't have money out here and can't afford things like this."

That was truly one of the most incredible days of my life.


Words can't describe what I'm feeling

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Phary and I went out to visit the families in the salt fields today to deliver all the goodies. The photos of the kids we printed out from our last trip were a huge hit. They loved them. And they were all thrilled with the backpacks…they put them on immediately. Phary explained to them what all the stuff was. (There were liquid bubbles, matchbox cars, colored pencils and crayons, activity books and construction paper, barrettes, hair scrunchies, toothbrushes and beach ball globes for them to blow up.)

We lined them up for Julie's photo, each holding a paper with different letter printed out to spell "THANK YOU MHS"…it may be a little scrambled but the nurses can figure it out! The little ones kept running around, then they kept the letters, clutching each one…incredible…a million great photos. They said, "when you come back next year, bring more photos."

We had to leave them to go to the rural health clinic in Kampong Trach to deliver the few medical supplies that we had gathered. I had tears in my eyes all the way there. This has been a very emotional time…in a good way.

We arrived at the clinic and because it's Sunday, they called the doctor to come in. He was the same doctor we met back in April who spoke with Julie. He was thrilled at what we brought. He examined every item, his assistant got me a chair, brought out a fan and cut open a coconut for both me and Phary. They were deeply appreciative. They showed me around the hospital and I got some good photos. Same sad stories, different patients.

This is a very brief account of my day. I guess words don't really describe it…like nothing I have ever experienced.


The Long, Dusty, Bumpy Road to Kep

Friday, November 12, 2010

The trip to Kep from Phnom Penh is four-plus hours of bumpy, dusty road. I think they are still working on the same parts of road as they were six months ago.

But I'm The Veranda...with an appetite. I just ordered a plate of char kreng (just like I did six months ago)...still loaded with Kampot pepper, still damn hot. But a large Angkor beer helps wash it down.

Not much at The Veranda has changed however the pool looks done. I'll have to check it out some time in the next few days.

Pretty much a full house. I just had a 10-minute chat with a guy from Riverside (CA) who lives in Phnom Penh...his wife works for the Peace Corps. Interesting.

I met Lily (owner of The Veranda) who is very charming. She also has some clothes she would like to donate to the salt families. I have another idea about the shipping...details to come.

I need to get hold of Phary (pronounced Perry)...tuk tuk driver extraordinaire. The meeting is confirmed for 8:30 tomorrow morning in Kampot Province to meet with the pepper folks.



Alone in Phnom Penh

Days 1-2

Well, the adventure began with a bang. I arrived in Phnom Penh (without Cris this time) and had a very productive and encouraging meeting with the folks at Daughters of Cambodia. I will be returning to pick up samples of the packaging this afternoon. Their ideas were amazing, things we never thought of, like using only naturally dyed fabric, right down to the drawstring. I can't wait to see what they come up with. 

I've booked the bus trip to Kep and leave first thing in the morning. Meet with the pepper folks there (in nearby Kampot, actually) and get all the product details ironed out...shipping...availability...etc.

Off to have fish and chips for lunch...and maybe a Beer Lao.