Sponsorship Update!

Life is good!

Along with our darling Sokunthea, Pepper Project sponsors Sukunthy. Here is the six month update we just received from Daughters of Cambodia telling how she is thriving:

Sukunthy says that life is good, much better than before. She says has been engaged for two years now and her relationship with her fiancé continues to improve. She says he loves and cares for her so much! She continues to live with her fiancé’s family, and this has been a big financial blessing. In staying with them she does not have to pay for rent and she is able to save money.

Sukunthy’s health has also been improving a lot over the past six months. Her manager at Daughters advised her how to eat healthier and it has made a big difference for her.
At work, Sukunthy is able to be a lot more focused and she is enjoying it more. She has been in the spa for one year now, giving manicures, pedicures and massages. She is now able to design new nail art and she also helps make some of the beautiful jewelry that Daughters produces.

One of the biggest changes has been in her relationship with her father. Sukunthy left home because of her father’s inappropriate advances toward her. He was physically and verbally abusive but she says he has changed a lot now, and he has stopped drinking. She says she believes these changes have occurred because she has been praying for him. Sukunthy would like to reconcile their relationship and she has heard that her father is eager to do so too. Naturally, she still has fears, but she has been encouraged by her friends at work. So she asks that you pray for her, for the courage and the words when the time comes.

It is clear that Sukunthy has also been growing in her relationship with God. She says she has been learning how to be a good person that is kind and honest, and she is coming to understand and know herself more. She says, “Thank you for always sponsoring me. I wish you good health. God bless you.”

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