The Long, Dusty, Bumpy Road to Kep

Friday, November 12, 2010

The trip to Kep from Phnom Penh is four-plus hours of bumpy, dusty road. I think they are still working on the same parts of road as they were six months ago.

But I'm here...at The Veranda...with an appetite. I just ordered a plate of char kreng (just like I did six months ago)...still loaded with Kampot pepper, still damn hot. But a large Angkor beer helps wash it down.

Not much at The Veranda has changed however the pool looks done. I'll have to check it out some time in the next few days.

Pretty much a full house. I just had a 10-minute chat with a guy from Riverside (CA) who lives in Phnom Penh...his wife works for the Peace Corps. Interesting.

I met Lily (owner of The Veranda) who is very charming. She also has some clothes she would like to donate to the salt families. I have another idea about the shipping...details to come.

I need to get hold of Phary (pronounced Perry)...tuk tuk driver extraordinaire. The meeting is confirmed for 8:30 tomorrow morning in Kampot Province to meet with the pepper folks.


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