Starling Farm

Starling Farm is a family owned pepper plantation located in the heart of the world’s premier pepper growing region, Kampot Province, Cambodia. As members of the KPPA (Kampot Pepper Producers Association), with GI (Geographic Indication) status, this guarantees the highest quality product.

The pepper is totally organic, grown using only traditional methods dating back over 1,000 years. The pepper is dried in the sun for several days prior to being sterilized and vacuum packed so that it reaches you as fresh as it left the farm.



The population of street children and youth continues to grow in Phnom Penh as the capital city attracts children and youth from the provinces. Among other issues, these young people face daily violence and experience a high level of drug use.

In 1994, Friends-International established the Mith Samlanh program in Phnom Penh which helps street children and youth to reintegrate into their families, public school, vocational training and then employment as well as into their rich Cambodian culture.

Pepper Project supports Friends by purchasing Home-based products from their shops in Phnom Penh.



Yodifee (Youth with Disabilities Foundation for Education and Employment) assists and supports young Cambodians with physical disabilities to gain access to education at the secondary school level and higher, or access skills training leading to an income earning capacity ensuring self sufficiency.

Pepper Project supports Yodifee with the purchase of their hand made jewelry and other gift items.


Cambodian Handicraft Association

Cambodian Handicraft Association (CHA) is located in Phnom Penh across the street from the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. CHA was started in 2000 by a group of Khmer people who realised how difficult it is to obtain any sort of employment as a disabled woman in Cambodia. The organisation offers women with disabilities from landmines or polio a new skills base which will eventually allow them to return to their communities and lead an independent life.

Pepper Project supports CHA with the purchase of their hand crafted items including greeting cards.


Delicious Sewing Project

The Delicious Sewing Project is a wonderful group of young women who grew up in the Aspeca orphanage in Kampot, Cambodia. Started with the help of a Peace Corps volunteer, these hard working girls create our aprons, re-useable shopping totes and some of our pepper pouches.


Women's Handicraft and Development Association

The Women’s Handicraft and Development Association (WHADA) consists mainly of women and young people from traditional farming families living and working in Cambodia’s rural Chamcar Bei village. In 2008 they formed this women’s cooperative to improve their livelihoods and play an active role in shaping their community.

Pepper Project supports WHADA by purchasing their hand woven scarves and coconut jewelry.


Three Corner Coffee Roaster

Three Corner Coffee produces high quality coffee while making sure that every step of the coffee producing process, from bean to bag, has the least environmental impact: through recycling and using energy efficient methods of roasting; and more importantly for true cultural preservation: through developing their own Farm Direct Trade Model to cooperate with Cambodian farmers and their communities to increase their standard of living.